1  Are welded seams better than sewn seams?
  We think so. People with just sewing machines will state that they don't like or trust a welded seam. We and everybody that we have discussed this with who has both welding and sewing capability's thinks that the welded seams are best for all of the flat work and then use  sewn seams for all of the curves; ends. and small detail work.  With this system there are no threads on the main body of cloth exposed to the sun to fade and come apart.

 2  Why does my thread rot and my top come apart?
  This is why we are in the fabric business. There are threads available that will last the life of the cloth. We feel that a lot of the tops that have come apart due the thread rotting were sewn together with inferior threads to begin with.  In time they deteriorate and then strong winds move the cloth around causing the sewn seams to fail and your cloth comes apart prematurely.

 3 Can you weld my top together after it has had thread stiches that have failed?
    The fabric itself is weldable but it takes a 1 inch overlap to make a fabric weld and most   sewn seems are 1/2 inch seems. There are on the average 5 seems so if you weld it back together you will lose 1/2 inch each time you create a weld and your top will be 2 1/2 inches to short.

 4 Can you restitch my existing top?
   Yes--If the fabric is still in good shape. We have bought a separate sewing machine just for the purpose of restitching the existing tops that have a thread failure problem. We use a large heavy duty polyester thread with a very high UV rating to resist fading and rotting due to sun exposure.

 5  What is the warranty?
  Sunbrella has the best which is a 10 year fade resistant warranty on there fabric. Other brand names will have a different warranty. Usually in the 3 to 5 year range. Our warranty will vary according to the fabric that we use. A new Sunbrella boatlift cover from ABC Covers will have a 6 year warranty. It will have a three year unconditional warranty and a three year prorated warranty on our craftsmanship.

 6  What types of fabric do you use and are there other types available?
   We primarily use Sunbrella. It is a top quality fabric with a very large selection of colors and patterns available. We keep a large inventory of the most common solid colors (Forest Green; Marine Blue; Navy Blue; Coco; Tan; Linen Tweed; Black; Maroon,  etc:) on hand so that we can provide quick service for you. There are also several other suitable fabrics available. We keep some material and  samples on hand of these brands of fabric also.

 7  Are there some good quality fabrics at a less expensive price available?
   YES-- we also stock a line of Poly Vinyl fabric that has a very long life and also looks good as an awning
or boatlift cover. There are not as many colors to chose from but the have the very basic solid colors. Green; Red: Black; Blue; Tan.

 8  Can you make a matching cover for my boat or other item?
  Yes--We are primarily a boatlift and awning cover manufactory but we will make matching covers for your boat; pwc; dock and patio furniture; golf cart or whatever you need.

 9  Can I buy a cover from you and install it myself?
  Yes--but it creates a problem with a warranty. The only way that we can fairly be expected to warranty a cover is if we make sure it fits correctly and that it is installed correctly.

 10  What is your payment methods?
   We accept Master Card; Visa; check, and cash. You do not need to be present for us to install a cover for you. We will get the cover installed and then contact you and make arrangements to send you a invoice to be paid.

11  Where can I see all of the Sunbrella colors available?
   We keep sample books and material for you to look at and you can also go to www.Sunbrella.com and see all of the colors and patterns available. On there site you will want to go to the Awning and Marine fabric collection tab. 

12  Where are you located?
   We are a local manufacturer right here in the Lake Oconee business district at 170 Sammons Pkwy NE; Eatonton GA.

     Logistically we are 1 mile behind the McDonalds on Greensboro Rd (Hwy 44). Turn between the Peoples Bank and McDonalds onto Harmony Rd.  Go1 mile. Just past Marble Works turn right onto Sammons Pkwy NE. We are the third building on the left. We share an office with Dockside Boatlifts.

   Our exact GPS coordinates are :
      N 33deg  26.133
      W 83deg  16.612
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